About Dipstick Studio

Dipstick Studios is the offspring of  Dave Wittekind and Jim Swanson, a couple of guys with loads of experience at two of Chicago’s premier ad agencies drawing storyboards for blue chip clients like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Samsung, Budweiser, and lots more.
Jim Swanson or Swanny (as he is known in the biz) was going to be a Forest Ranger in college, but decided he liked drawing trees better than sitting in them. Swanny graduated from The Columbus College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration and Advertising, He started working as an Art Director FCB/Chicago Advertising Agency and has been working professionally in Advertising in one way or another ever since.
Dave Wittekind loves to draw and create visually, so luckily he grew up in a family that valued creativity and interest in art. After graduating from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Dave worked briefly for Bally Pinball Company. Then it was on to the big world of advertising, first as a storyboard artist and later creating most of his work digitally. Along the way, he managed to acquire one wife, two kids, and two  dogs.